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COVID-19 Statement

Risk Assessment for Covid-secure Church Services and Meetings


This is to assess the limits of how many people can safely meet together in the buildings.

-     To keep the government recommended social distance. This will limit the number of people who can meet in the building for a service or other meeting (e.g. Prayer Meeting & Bible Study).*

-     Chairs will be spaced at the government recommended social distance* although family groups (bubbles) may be grouped together.

-     Two services will be held on Sundays so that regular worshippers can attend one of them.

Control & Cleanliness

This is to assess measures to prevent the potential spread of Covid-19 among worshippers:

-    No hymnbooks or Bibles will be available. People will be encouraged to bring their own Bibles. Bible readings may be displayed on the screen.

-     There will be no singing†. Hymns may be displayed on the screen.

-     A temporary record of worshippers for each service will be kept for 21 days for track and trace purposes. Regular worshippers will be asked to give prior notice of which service they will attend.

-     Worshippers will be asked to keep a safe distance between other worshippers when entering and leaving the building.

-     Worshippers will be asked not to gather in groups both inside and outside the building.

-     The room will be kept well ventilated.

-     From 8 August, in England, it is mandatory for worshippers to wear a face covering unless they have a respiratory condition; young children are also excluded. Other protective measures may be put in place if needed, e.g. perspex screen in front of pulpit

-     There will be no refreshments before or after services, both mid-week and Sundays.

-     Those who have symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend worship services or other meetings but self-isolate with other members of their family and arrange to be tested.

-    Automatic hand sanitisers will be provided at the entranceway which worshippers will be asked to use on entering and leaving the building.

-     Automatic hand sanitisers and paper towels will be provided in the toilets, with suitable waste receptacles. Anti-bacterial wipes and a spray will be provided for cleaning surfaces after each use.

-     Surfaces will be cleaned (including window cills, pulpit, door handles etc) after each service and chairs exchanged for the evening service after the morning service.

-     Signs reminding people about cleanliness and social distancing will be in place.


For people who are particularly vulnerable we will advise them of the risks involved in worshipping with others. If they prefer to stay at home we will ensure that they are able to have a recording of the service. Also for all worshippers recordings will be made of services and Bible studies.


A copy of this risk assessment will be displayed and also posted on the website. The person leading the service will remind worshippers of basic instructions. A letter will be sent to worshippers.


This risk assessment will be reviewed in the light of further government amendments.

Date of risk assessment: 1st August 2020  

*NB: The recommended social distance at the time of preparing this Risk Assessment is 2 metres, or 1 metre+ mitigating factors. The maximum capacity of the building was assessed at 20 people.

†Under current government guidelines singing is not permitted.