Clink Evangelical Church

Clink Road, Frome,

Somerset, BA11 2EN

01373 462183

Charity Number 1145751

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John Hobson

“As a relative newcomer to Frome my wife, Jeannine, and I were pleased to find a church where the Bible is believed and taught. We have been encouraged by the warm welcome we have received in the family of Clink Evangelical Church.

We find it both encouraging yet also purposeful to be able to contribute in some way to the life of the church; for myself to be part of the leadership team. It is my desire that we will grow as a fellowship of God’s people as, together, we seek to reach out to the people of Frome and introduce them to our loving Lord.”

The work at Clink, which began in 1976 with a Sunday School held in a corrugated tin garage, was constituted as a church in 1999.  In 2012 we moved into our current building which gives us adaptable space to serve God better in the community of Frome.   

We are ordinary people, from all kinds of backgrounds, who have experienced the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. We are a God-centred, Bible-based evangelical church who meet to worship the true and living God, and to care for each other and the local community. Our ministry is further extended in the UK and other countries through the missionaries we support.

Clink Evangelical Church is led by a team of four Elders, each with their own gifts of leadership, service, pastoral care and guidance:

‘Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ… Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.’ (1 Cor 12:12 & 27)

Jim Short

“My wife, Carol, and I first felt God calling us to start up the Sunday School work in 1976, which later led to the Clink Evangelical Church constituting as a church in 1999 and appointing two elders, of which I was one.

With the growth of the church we now have 4 elders who are responsible for the ministry, teaching and pastoral care of the church.

Our aim is to serve God in the community and to share our faith through worship and ministry of God’s Word.”

Andrew Coxhead

“My wife, Sue, and I have been members of the church, and I have had the role of deacon, since Clink Evangelical Church first constituted as a church in 1999. In February 2015 I was appointed by the church to join the leadership team as an elder.  

I see our roles as elders of this church as under-shepherds, to Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, considering the spiritual well-being, needs and biblical growth of the church members and congregation.”

Russell Short

“I am married, with two children, and the support of my family is invaluable in my church responsibilities. I have been an elder at Clink Evangelical Church since the church was formed. A large amount of my time used for the church is taken up leading the youth team in the various youth clubs the church runs.” [Russell is also our very gifted pianist and leads the worship].

“My prayer is that everyone who visits Clink or comes into contact with this church may feel and see the love of God in us.”